Rainman installed watermaker options

Rainman built our reputation on inventing and commercializing portable watermakers. However, over the years many of our customers prefer to permanently or semi-permanently install their systems into their boat.

installed watermaker system

Why install?

  • You don’t have to pull the system out on deck every time you use it.
  • No hoses thrown over the side of your boat while the system is in use.
  • Less concern of hoses getting kicked out of place while in use.
  • Easier to use while underway.

System types available

If you decide to install a Rainman watermaker, you can choose from any of our electric systems.

We do not recommend you install our petrol (gasoline) powered watermaker.

AC powered

The primary design principle in the AC Rainman is that it must start and run using a Honda 2kVA portable generator. It can also run on a good quality 2kVA inverter. Higher capacity generators and inverters are commonly used as well.

12VDC powered

This system was designed with lower power and lower flow rates. Simplicity and low maintenance is retained by utilizing a simple triplex plunger pump.

Types of installation

Both the case and naked systems can be installed and plumbed in various configurations. Below are high level schematics of four possibilities (click on image for larger view).

The core components of the installation are:

  • Dedicated or shared through the hull for intake of seawater.
  • Ability to draw water out of a bucket for flushing or pickling the watermaker. Using our autoflush option means you will rarely, if ever, need the pickling bucket.
  • Control product water flow for testing or filling your tank.
  • Brine waste water goes overboard.
watermaker installed on yacht

Easy mounting system

Often one of the challenges with a watermaker is the physical installation of the system. Rainman has developed a mounting system made of fiberglass reinforced nylon to make this process as easy as possible. Simply screw down the seats with self-tapper screws and the Rainman systems snap into place.

More details can be found in the installation guide, but watermaker installers tell us they can save hours off of each installation.

easy mounting system for water maker

Plumbing installation kit

The Rainman Naked watermaker includes a plumbing kit that is designed to fulfill most of your requirements for your installation. Obviously, every boat is different, so there will be some parts you may need to source yourself. Some of these parts can include a sea strainer, extra 3/4″ hose, and related fittings.

If you plan to fully install your Cased Rainman system, the plumbing kit can be purchased as an option.

Technical requirements for installation

While most customers that install their system may have it done professionally, there is no reason you can not tackle the job yourself. The skills required include the use of hand and power tools, cutting into various water lines, and routing soft plumbing and cabling throughout your vessel.

The installation guide will assist in determining if you wish to do the job yourself.