Rainman Portable Watermaker

The origins of Rainman established our reputation as the “Portable Watermaker” in the blue case. Although many customers will prefer to install their Rainman, many benefits exist for keeping your system portable.

Why Portable?

  • You don’t need to install the system. Ten minutes after receiving the system, you can be making fresh drinking water.
  • If you are a cruiser and a racer, you can easily offload about 2/3 of a crew member in weight by putting the watermaker ashore.
  • No extra holes in your hull.
  • If you are space constrained, you can remove the system for more people and gear on shorter trips.
  • If maintenance is required, you bring the system to a technician rather than a technician to your boat.
  • When you upgrade your boat, the system goes with you. Installing a system in your boat will not add much value to your boat.
  • You can loan it to a friend.
  • Reduced initial cost due to no expensive installation process.
  • You can fill up your neighbour’s tanks with our product water extension hose.
  • Moving the system around is easy if you have an RV, live near water, or have another boat.
  • You can easily resell the system if you are no longer getting use out.
  • Minimise risk to your vessel during storm season by leaving your Rainman ashore.

System types available

You have maximum flexibility in power sources if you wish to keep your system portable. Any of our three platforms can be used as portable. In order of popularity, these include:

AC Electric

The primary design principle in the AC Rainman is that it must start and run using a Honda 2kVA portable generator. The ubiquity of this generator has helped make it the most popular system in our range. It can also run on a good quality 2kVA inverter. Higher capacity generators and inverters are commonly used as well.

Petrol (Gas)

An update of the original Rainman watermaker, this standalone system can conveniently run without any external electricity source – just add fuel and salt water.  We designed the petrol (gas) Rainman watermaker with a Honda GXH50 motor and a simple and reliable belt drive system.

12VDC Electric

This system was designed with lower power and lower flow rates. Simplicity and low maintenance is retained by utilising a simple triplex plunger pump. Due to the lower productivity and requirement for a shorter power cord, this system is more commonly installed than kept portable.

portable watermaker

Flexibility for the future

If you are uncertain whether you wish to have a portable or installed watermaker, the best option is to buy the portable version. You can then run it portable for a while and decide if you are happy with that configuration or wish to install it at a later date. It also gives you more time to determine where you want to install the system. Analogous to buying a pre-owned house, you live in it for a while before deciding what renovations you might require. It is easy to install a portable watermaker, but you do not want to uninstall a permanently mounted system.

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